31 days


As I mentioned earlier, I am participating in the 31 days writing challenge this year.

Hold me. (Kidding. We all know how I feel about that.)

Seriously, though, I am trying. My theme, which I was required to pick, is family. I figure we have enough to last for a longer challenge, but I will attempt to tell the silly, tragic, hopeful, or even the cautionary family tales for the next 31 days.

Additionally, I will link them here for easy finding. Today’s birthday post for my dad is going to count because I sort of told some stories and I don’t think I can dig any deeper on the same day, particularly with the lack of sleep I have racked up this week.

October, 2015

Day One: He’s a Good Fixer

Day Two: For Anyone Who Ever Crucified a Monkey

Day Three: Running an Octogenarian Sweatshop Takes Work

Day Four: The Dance of the Rice Krispies

Day Five: One Little Letter Makes a Big Difference

Day Six: The Night of the Roadrunner

Day Seven: My Jewish Easter Bunny 

Day Eight: That One Time I Got Away With It

Day Nine: Humiliations GALORE!

Day Ten: When An 80th Birthday Goes Horribly Awry

Day Eleven: Survival Instincts. Not my Forte.

Day Twelve: My Grandpop, Solomon Decker

Day Thirteen: ya ne govoryu po-angliyski

Day Fourteen: Famous Family Members

Day Fifteen: When a Baby Terrifies You

Day Sixteen: In Honor of My Favorite Russian

Day Seventeen: My Scandalous Great-Aunt Rose

Day Eighteen: The Graminator Strikes Again

Day Nineteen: I Was Far too Polite for Rockin’ the Suburbs.

Day Twenty: When Your Best Friend Wins a House

Day Twenty-One: Seventeen Years Today Since I Lost My Dad

Day Twenty-Two: Free-Range Parenting: European Edition

Day Twenty-Three: So This Is How It Ends

Day Twenty-Four: I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

Day Twenty-Five: Bringing a Boy Home

Day Twenty-Six: Bringing a Dog Home (and a boy, but not like that)

Day Twenty-Seven: The Birth of a Writer

Day Twenty-Eight: Great Great Uncle Gigs

Day Twenty-Nine: My Friend, Aeryn Gillern

Day Thirty: That Time the Hubs Was a Rockstar

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