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I thought I was lazy, but I was actually depressed

As seen at the Olympics, there is still a lot of ignorance about adoption
The Washington Post (online and in print)

The Mommy Wars: 10 Ways to Be the Solution Instead of the Problem
Your marriage is at risk of #TrumpStress even if you’re not voting for him
HB2’s Other Victims: The Disabled
The Daily Beast 
How I Tested HIV Positive – Nine Times – While Pregnant
5 Reasons I can’t forgive the Duggars and move on

Why Some Pregnant Women Get High Despite Doctor’s Orders

For so long, I thought Prince’s ‘Raspberry Beret’ was just a tune about his hats

Adding Jesus to a Seder Dinner? Not kosher.
The Washington Post

Why Getting a Breast Reduction Was the Best Decision I Could Have Made

The Men Who Want Their Foreskin Back
The Daily Beast

Won’t You Teach Me How to Adult?
Scary Mommy 

My Complicated Relationship With the Elf on the Shelf

I Ate My Placenta

Why Are Guns More Important Than Our Children’s Lives?
Scary Mommy

I Regret Getting Plastic Surgery
first appeared: Good Housekeeping
shared by: Town & Country, marie claire

Confessions of a Former R-Word User
The Mighty

I Use Natural Family Planning as My Birth Control
first appeared: Cosmopolitan
shared by: redbook, Good Housekeeping

My Friend’s Daughter Was Denied Entry to Her High School Dance

A Rare Condition While I Was Pregnant Nearly Killed Me and My Baby
first appeared: Redbook
shared by: Good Housekeeping

IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Dad Gave Me Away With No Warning