Famous Family Members

(this is a bit of a gimme, but I’m headed to a pumpkin patch, so it’ll have to do)

I’m always fascinated by my friend’s famous relatives. Growing up, there was the family related to Claude Pepper, which was pretty cool. My sister taught a girl whose godfather was Peter O’Toole – also, very boss. I am college chums with the grand-nephew of Claus von Stauffenberg, as portrayed by Tom Cruise in the film Valkyrie. And a family I adore is distantly related to Danny Kaye – very excellent.

And then there’s our famous relative: Gene Pool.

Yes, my mother’s third cousin is that weird dude who grows grass on everything.


In his defense, Gene was a trailblazer – caring for the environment, making a statement, and quite frankly, an internet sensation that predated the internet. He has been in a couple of commercials and was featured in People magazine a time or two. And he IS in the Guinness Book of World Records, which impresses grade schoolers around the country.

But I would be pretty excited if somehow I was also distantly related to a Grammy winner or something.